Contortion Solo Act
Delia's contortion act is performed on a high table, combining balance and extreme flexibility. The act concludes by squeezing into a cube, measuring just 22" H x 17" W x 17" D.

Aerial Solo Acts
Performing aerial silk and hoop and mixing strength nd flexibility. Like the contortion act, they all are a duration of 5-8 minutes and can be adapted to any theme required.*

Additional Information
Delia is also experienced in harness work and performed in many films, film launches and commercials with this skill.

All the acts can be worked as hang about or walk about. eg: For decoration as guests arrive.
*Rigging requirements -Minimum Height 5 metres (Silk)
Minimum Height 3 metres (Hoop)
Weight - 500 Kg/points per person


Delia Du Sol is one of Britain's top contortionists, receiving national television and press coverage, working throughout the UK and Worldwide.